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Our History

Taco Box International was founded by Bill Crombie in El Paso Texas in the mid 1960’s.  Approximately 15 company owned and franchised Taco Box locations opened in California, Texas and New Mexico between 1967 and 1970.  

The Farmington location opened in 1969 by Ron Dudas and Tom Martin.  For various reasons, the parent company folded in 1971.  Most of the original Taco Box units closed and now only 3 locations remain; our Farmington location, and two others located in Portales and Clovis NM. 

Ron Dudas eventually sold the Farmington location to Frank and Rita Buser in 1980.  After the unfortunate passing of Frank, the Farmington location was sold to Frank and Rita's son and daughter in law, Jim and Debbie Buser. 

Jim and Debbie Buser moved from California with their 3 month old daughter Rachael to Farmington to raise their family in a smaller community.  They purchased Taco Box in Farmington in 1983. Jim and Debbie operated Taco Box for 30 years until Rachael and her husband Josh Varnadore purchased Taco Box in 2013. Debbie and Rachael continue to operate Taco Box and can be found behind the counter serving customers each day. It is the definition of a family owned and operated business. 

As a third generation operation we are so grateful to our many loyal customers and look forward to serving more generations to come.